Art Journaling....with Copic

So many people have been asking me lately about Art Journaling!?!

I have kept art journals since I was in high school and it was a requirement to keep a journal for anything creative that we did. Back in those days it was called a Visual Diary! I didn't always enjoy documenting my though process as I was always in such a hurry to create the artwork...and dive into the paint!

As my studies progressed, and I suppose as I got older, I realised that what I was creating in my art journal was a piece of art in itself!!

I think with many things that we do, whether it be creative or not, we are in such a rush to get to the job done we tend to forget, or not thoroughly enjoy the journey to get to that finish line!

Now I think it is ALL about the journey...and much less about the finished product!

Since I am so involved with Copics, I have really tried to bridge the gap between traditional art journaling and art journaling with Copics. I endeavor to integrate the two wherever I can.

So I decided to take one of my art journals to an Intermediate Copic Certification that I was teaching recently. The feedback was amazing!

I thought I might show you just two of the pages.

This page has been created with ONLY Copic markers and multiliners. Who would have thought that there is not one drop of paint anywhere on this page!

The second page has been created with ONLY Copic multiliners and a touch of Spica! Even in STILL need bling!....right????

I absolutely love to doodle...and so this page was born from the simplest doodle, that took on a mind of its own!

If journaling is something you are interested in, please let me know, and I'll tried to post a little bit more on it and especially on how you can integrate journaling and Copics!

Happy Creating .... Mandi-Lee


Caroline B

Love the doodle page! Would love to see more about art journaling with Copics.


I just stumbled upon your blog today. I'd love to hear more about your art journalling. I just started an art journalling course for fun but would like to get some inspiration from other places. I'd be very interested to hear more.


love your tangle page! Great mixture of text and art! {:-Deb

Jan Hunnicutt

Thanks for talking about art journaling today and showing some of your pages, I'd love to hear and see more about it in the future.

Kate P.

OMG I think I'm in love - your art journal pages are AMAZING!!!

Shelly Schmidt

I love your Art Journaling- I would love to know about what type of art journal to buy- what paper the Copics do not bleed through. Beautiful doodling page too!

Cathy Y

I love both of your pages, and I'm also a big doodler. When I was in 2nd grade, I used to get into trouble because the margins of my workbooks were all filled with doodles!

Susan Goodell

I am a hugh journaler and have been wanting to start one for copics. What kind of journal are you using for the copics?

Jenny Mutter

I love your pages! Would love to see more.

Sherry Turner

I am just wondering if Copic markers will bleed through on the thin pages of a Bible. I want to journal but am finding that sharpies, highlighters etc all show through onto the next page. Any suggestions as to what will give bright colors but not penetrate through the pages?

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