I am so honoured!!!!!

Through out 2011, I had the great privileged of meeting a super talented lady who came to do two Copic Certifications with me.  Her name is Kate.... or if you follow her blog you may know her as Sparkle Tart by Kate Palmer.  

Kate is in the process of walking us through her 10 most artistically inspiring people of 2011......and guess who made her list ..... in number 2 position.... ME!!!!!!!!

I was so honoured when Kate contacted me to let me know I made it onto her list and to ask my permission to be included on her blog.  

You can read her blog post HERE!

I suppose, as a teacher and an artist I could not wish for anything more than to inspire another artist!!

I am so grateful, and totally flattered to have been honoured in this way.  I consider mayself so unbelievably lucky to be considered amoungst the amazingly talented people that are on Kate's list!

You can follow Kate, HERE, as she unfolds the rest of her list.

Thank you Kate so very much for this beautiful honour!

Much Love....Mandi-Lee


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