A Copic Me Investigation: The Colourless Blender

Ok, so anyone who uses Copic will know that the "0" or the colourless blender is absolutely essential.

I thought I would see just how many different techniques (using my colourless blender) I could fit into one card. I can tell you that I have jam-packed the techniques in! So here is a bit of a competition.....with a PRIZE ofcourse!!!

If anyone can correctly count and name ALL of the different colourless blending techniques I have used to create this card you will WIN a pack of the amazing X-Press It Blending Card.

Have fun and happy counting!!!!

Winner will be announced on Monday 29th March!!!!!!


Tracey Feeger

Hmm I can only see three.
Hope I am right.


I think I can see guess 5 :D


1. Feathering on face and hair, and dress.
2. Edge softening on hair
3. The water drip effect on the dress making the polka dots.

:) Hope I'm right!!!


Ok...I'm sorry this post is late, my computer was having a facelift! So these are the colourless blending techniques I used

1. Took colour out of her hair
2. I texturized her hair
3. I added dots to her dress
4. I tip to tipped
5. Fade to white
6. Pushed the colour from outside .....

So that makes 6!
Well done girls for entering!

So no one really got it, but Heather you actually had a go at counting AND naming the techniques....which was the criteria! So well done to you. A pack of X-press It Blending Card is all yours! Please could you email me your address so that I can put it in the mail for you!

Thank you girls for having a go!


YAY!!! Thank you soo much! What is your email so I can send you my address?

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Did you get my email with my address???


Dumb question what is Xpress Blending Card? I know of blending maker paper for doing marker renderings! Love how you go all out for copic techinques. You have caught my entire attention. Just love what you have to say here. Thanks for all the copic sharing. More how to's coming I hope!

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