Amazing News and a Reminder!

It's official and it's fantastic!!!!!

Marianne has announced the first ever Intermediate Copic Certification on her blog.....and.....I am going to be traveling to Chicago to attend the certification in October! Yes thats right! I am so so excited! Because I am already a Copic Regional Instructor (having been trained by Marianne and Lori), in addition to my art and design background, I was approached by Copic Australia to attend the Certification!! How could I possibly pass up such an amazing opportunity! So stay tuned for brilliant new information and updates from Chicago in October!
PS If anyone has any "pull" with Oprah (my idol!) I'd love a ticket to a taping of just one show!!!!! (c;

Just a reminder that we still have a few spots left in Sunday's class (29th August) at Paperific! The classes on Friday and Saturday are FULL! So be quick if you would like to join the class
CLICK HERE to book your spot!

Finally, don't forget to enter Kathy's floral challenge on the Copic Oz blog. There is still a couple of hours to show us your masterpiece!!! BE QUICK....THE PRIZE IS GREAT!!!

Happy Colouring....Mandi


Debra James

Woooo Hooooo that is soooo good for you Mandi, you will have an amazing time, what an honour... cant wait for you to come back and share all!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Wow Mandi, how fantastic! Way to go!


OMG How exciting is that! Can't wait to hear all about it!


Way to go!!!!!! That's such incredibly exciting news, and I'm so pleased for you.


Wow, this is so exciting, Mandi, congratulations! Can't wait to know more, will stay tuned :-)! Hugs Delphine xxx

Sue Kohler

How fabulous for you Mandi (I am turning green with envy)! I hope you will be bringing your skills back to run and intermediate course back in Melbourne! will keep my fingers crossed!


How exciting! I'll be there as well! Look forward to meeting you!

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