A Cute Easter Egg Project

My kids and I were playing around with decorating eggs, which led to us having lots of fun stamping and Copic-ing onto a boiled egg. This was purely experimental, but alot of fun to do!

I took photos of the process, but it actually turned out quite difficult to photograph properly (even though I played around with flash on and off).
Anyway, have a look at what we did, and the fun we had.....

First I started off stamping the image onto the egg....just a plain hard boiled egg.

I then masked the butterfly and used the Copic Airbrush System to Airbrush the background.

I used my Copics to colour the butterfly, and even experimented with the Spicas which did work on the egg.

I finished the egg off with a bit of kindi glitz and a cute pink bow.

It's a bit hard to see the detail of the egg, but nevertheless, I thought it would be a cute project to document. It turned out to be such fun experimenting with Copics on an egg!

(PS Thanks to Sharon for the inspiration to paint the egg!...What an amazing job she did with hers!)



Wow a lovely idea, an what a gorgeous egg, it's so pretty!
Sue x


Oh wow!! What fun!! It looks brilliant!


What a fantastic idea! You did an excellent job. Who would have thought that Copics woud dry on an egg shell?! Thanks so much for sharing this idea - It will be great to try next easter!


What a great idea, it looks awesome! I bet you guys had heaps of fun playing!

Jackie Thomas

Oh wow Mandi, this is amazing. What a fantastic idea, it looks like you had a lot of fun. xo Jackie

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